5 facts you didn't know about the Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Those who were born in the 90’s would definitely remember the Ghostbusters series, the horror-comedy movie franchise released in 1984. With the release of the new movie starring all female characters including Melissa McCarthy and mixed reactions from the audience, the idea of recreating the trivia through Lego pieces were doing the rounds.

5 facts you didn't know about the Ghostbusters Ecto-1

The new Ghostbusters Lego set can be a perfect gaming material to live in that trivia and to top it up, Vonado has brought out the lighting kit. However, before you start assembling the bricks and put up the LEDs on it, here are the five interesting facts that you might have been unaware of about the Ecto-1.

The Original Ecto-1 Was Conceptualized To Be Spookier

Believe it or not, Dan Aykroyd had actually designed the initial drafts of the ambulance with Harold Ramis where he imbued the Ecto-1 to be of black and purple color for a sinister outlook and the strobe lights were white and purple to signify the supernatural power that the Ecto-1 had.

The idea was scrapped by cinematographer as the most shooting took place during night and the dark paint would not look dramatic. Anyway, with the customizable Lego lighting kit, you can give the car both its movie look or as designed by Dan.

Two Miller Meteor Ambulances Were Bought, One Was Used

Two ambulances were bought by the studio, one for the actual filming and another for the pre-modification. The original golden Miller Meteor Ambulance was to be modified while the one shown on the film was featured throughout the first part and then in the second. The first one was crapped out on Brooklyn Bridge during shooting and for the remaining second film, the stand-by ambulance was used especially in the pre-modification scenes.

The Original Ambulance Broke Down During Filming

You would use the light bricks to build the Ecto-1 and the original was the same fragile during the shooting so much so that on Brooklyn Bridge, the car took fire and created smokes. It was no special effects as you might have thought while watching the movie and it created a massive traffic jam for hours as there is no pull-off lane. The production was charged significant fine by NYPD.

The Ecto-1 Was Restored While The Other One Was Called Ecto-1a

Although the original Ecto-1 was left to rust by the Universal Studio, the outrage of the franchise fans followed by a petition made the car to be restored back to its near-perfect state as shown on the movie. The fans themselves tirelessly worked to restore the car and it perfectly shows how attached people are with Ecto-1.

During Promotion Of Ghostbusters The Ecto-1 Caused Crashes

Before you indulge in Lego LED lights for your Ecto-1 structure, you should know that the original car was used as promotional strategy after the movie released in 1984. One of the costumed Ghostbusters used to be behind the wheels as publicity stunt and it was such a rave among people in New York that numerous cars lost balance while looking at Ecto-1 and caused mayhem of accidents.


The highlights of the movies were not the ghost-catchers Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd but their spooky red and white Ecto-1 on the classic Cadillac Miller Meteor. It is obvious that with the integrated lights, your Lego structure will definitely be able to resemble the 80’s famous Ecto-1.

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