Add light to your LEGO artwork with Vonado

Who does not love the lights?

Is that you?

NO? Yes! We knew you absolutely love the stylish and cute lights and, we also know how much you love the Star Wars, and the Lego sets. So we decided to light up your world with some cute lights and make you a little happier when you play with your favorite Lego artwork.

Yes! You can now light up your Lego artwork with our Lego lighting kits. And make your artwork look even better and realistic. Lego led looks super cute when they fit in the artwork, and they are easy to install in your artwork.

We made lighting kits for your various lego artworks, and we are proud of our products. One such is our kit for Star Wars UCS SUPER STAR DESTROYER.

 The lighting kit is a small gift from our end to all the Star Wars and Lego fans out there, you can now light up your favorite star wars ship using this super star destroyer kit and enjoy the lighting in your artwork, and we are very confident, you’ll love the artwork even more.

The kit consists of around 40lights in all and other accessories to help you install the lights in your artwork.

 The light bricks and led lights are designed and made in a way that they fit just right in your artwork, and you do not have to struggle much while installing them. The lights are battery operated. One set is provided in the kit.

 Yes, we understand how time taking it is to build your lego artwork but, installing lights in it is much quicker. You can install the kit in comparatively less time. If this is the first time you’re deciding to light up your artwork, we can assure you; you’ll be delighted to see the lighted lego bricks and your lego artwork.

 The lights are not any regular lights, we completely understand and value your love towards your artworks so, we couldn’t offer simple lights for this extraordinary love affair of yours with the lego artworks. The kit also consists of a Multi-effects board so that you can choose from a variety of color combination and lighting styles to add to the beauty of the artwork.

 If you’re a true Lego and Star Wars fan and you own an artwork which does not have the lighting in it, we won’t shy away from saying - your artwork is somewhat incomplete without the cute and beautiful lights that are specially designed for the lego artworks of the fans who absolutely love their artworks.

We would love you to install a lighting kit in one of your artworks and see what difference the lights make in the actual artwork. The lights will complete the artwork. Do not trust us, buy and install one in your favorite artwork and, you can always thank us later for the brilliant suggestion. You will say, why I didn’t install this kit in my artwork earlier when I bought the lego set. But, no worries, the sooner, the better. So, go and grab your lighting kit and light up your artwork with the lego led lights from Vonado.

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