Adventure of NINJAGO

LEGO has announced that they will be revealing the next LEGO Ideas set today. This announcement will be for the First 2019 Review Stage that ended in May. There were nine projects that qualifed for the Review Stage and they include: National Museum – Rio de Janeiro, Anatomini, The Office – NBC, The Pirate Bay, Kakapo, SpaceX BFR / Starship & Super, Heavy 1:110 Scale, Addams Family Mansion, 123 Sesame Street and Machu Picchu.

Among those genius ideas, the pirate bay is one of my favorite. It is believed that all the anime fans know that there is a famous rumor of it as below:

Prepare the cannons sailors, you have to defend the bay!

Welcome to the impregnable pirate fortress, house of Red beard, many sailors fear these waters, the most dangerous pirates make their stop here. Be careful not to be locked in jail or possibly the only place you can be, as long as you do not find the secret exit.

There is a rumor, they say that there is a treasure map, it is believed that it is below the canteen, many of them are looking for the treasure but none of them have yet achieved it. Will you be able to find it?

It’s time to take an adventure. But this pirate bay - LEGO classic Ideas seem to take a while before it shows up. How about taking some time to review the other symbol of adventure - NINJAGO.

As is known to us all that NINJAGO is also a symbol of adventure which represent a team of young to against the evils. Especially the flashlights in it are very impressive and comprehensive. Now let us take a look on how to make these fantastic lights into the your Ninjago models to make it shiny.

Ninjago, Destiny's Bounty # 70618

Destiny's Bounty is the huge training base for ninjas. After decorating with some mysterious lights, the base become more and more weird.

If there is a ship, there must be a dock.

Ninjago City Docks # 70657

If their usual training is hard, then the city docks are their resting place. Look, the lights on the city docks are more cozier and warmer than the somber side of the Destiny’s Bounty.

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