Build your own tiny mini Wall-E!

The moment, we hear the name Wall-E, the ever so cute robot from the Disney Pixar movie is flashed in front of our eyes. Who would not fall in love with those adorable button-like eyes and the way he awkwardly fell in love with EVE in the course of cleaning up the wasteland of the earth in 29th century?

We all have wished we had our own Wall-E themed souvenirs after the movie released and in order to fulfill that dream, we have brought for you the Wall-E Lego robotic kits so that you can create your own Wall-E robot with your own customization.

Build your own tiny mini Wall-E!

What is better is the light kit that will give a new dimension to your masterpiece so that even if you turn off the lights or douse them, the minimalist lights will keep the Wall-E present with its vivacity.

 Coming to Disney robot’s association with Lego, you should know that Pixar Animation Studios’ director and animator Angus MacLane is the man behind keeping your Wall-E alive as a lego robot. Behind the massive success and raving popularity of this last robot remaining on the earth, both the members from Lego Ideas and Angus from Pixar were responsible.

Build your own tiny mini Wall-E!

In designing the model of the robot, approving it and developing both the models in Lego and on film version alongside, the film was released and after around a decade, the lego Wall-E finally came to market.

So, how is the Wall-E made from lego sets such special as the movie version? Well, the Lego Ideas team in association with Pixar has made sure you get all the distinguishing characteristics of your favorite robot –the swayed neck beneath the adjustable neck, rolling tracks, gripping hands and adjustable hands which you can move sidewise as well as upside and downwards.

Besides, you can also open its trunk whenever you want by pulling out the lego brick and also leave it open for some time as if to collect wastes from the earth. You will also learn about the designer MacLane and how Pixar created the movie as the package includes a booklet.

Build your own tiny mini Wall-E!

To light up Legos Wall-E, you will get the flashing light with seven colors, one LED warm white Strip Light which illuminates the sirens placed on the front and the rear sirens and two white Dot Lights. For seamless connection of power, you will be offered a 30 centimeter USB cable and a 5 centimeter connecting cable. The package also contains the expansion board with six ports, ten adhesive squares and a round AA battery pack although batteries are not included.

Although the lego lights package contains a few assorted Lego bricks to assemble, make sure you buy a few more separately as those will not be enough for the whole structure. Vonado offers all the parts which do not need any electrical knowledge to plug and play.

Build your own tiny mini Wall-E!

Just make sure you read all the steps regarding installation of the bricks and lighting kits properly from the instruction kit or check the website’s user guides for convenience. Install the lights and watch how the eyes of Wall-E glitter in curiosity, how its enlightened hands move and also how the inside of its trunk look in warm lights.

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