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  • US$ 185.30


    Astianatte Iantosca

    Ho ottenuto il mio, la qualità delle parti è buona, sto ancora lavorando per la mia Cadillac e la condividerò al termine.
  • US$ 299.99


    Martin Hicks

    I just received the bag, the package is good, and I am ready to build, I will share the process and experience in the fb group.
  • US$ 799.99


    Jenson Carter

    I get my package today. A huge box! Start building it tomorrow! ! !
  • US$ 99.00


    Mark Horvath

    Just received the set. Where do I get the build instructions?
    Service: hi,we have sent you by email,Due to the moc insturction have the value,so we hide the entrance,just send it for free for our customer
  • US$ 551.00 US$580.00


    Jenson Robertson

    Work in progress...
  • US$ 351.39


    Franklin Baird

    Just took a foto to compare the lunar module and a not yet completed.
  • US$ 36.76


    Carter Beckman

    Yes, you can do it too.
  • US$ 189.89


    Jarrod Usher

    My progress so far,its a good choice to stay at home.
  • US$ 57.79



    Hi Thanks for your feedback on the size and how long it takes to ship How much will it cost in pounds for the stadium plus the remote control lighting kit Looking forward to hearing from you Jimmy
    Service: hi,the delivery time is about 7-12 days.and if you need remote control,you can purcahse the remote on our DIY part
  • US$ 71.20


    Francesco trotta

    Quando costa in euro
    Service: you can change the currency,its € 63.94
  • US$ 91.24


    Jiles Bishop

    Great product and a fun build. I recommend the seller and would buy from them again
  • US$ 135.16


    Billy Huang

    favorite car on my childhood,but it never again,so i got this update,also surprise me.nice work.
  • US$ 57.79



    Please could you let me know the finished size of the stadium as I would have to get a board big enough for the stadium to sit on It's my birthday on 12th april and I'm thinking of purchasing one of your Lego sets with lights Please could you let me know what is the total cost and how long would it take from ordering to receiving the stadium
    Service: size: 6.5” (18.5cm) high, 18” (47cm) long and 15” (39cm) wide.its free shipping and delivery time is about 7-12days.
  • US$ 91.24


    Steve Matthews

    Quite complete and fun to build.
  • US$ 189.89


    Steven Anderson

    Finished it... when you place the Saturn V rocket in it's new home... AWESOME!
  • US$ 91.24


    Mario Sandri

    Not missing Pieces, building of quality nice and Pieces that fit like real Lego. The hatch runs smoothly. The only concern was that one of the tiling type cosmetic Grill was Negro in spot of Grey, anything that all worth while complaining
  • US$ 91.24


    Markus Pfaffinger

    Really the best performance of a tie bomber. The accuracy is incredible, I recommend it very pleasant and minifig scale and arrived quickly anyway
  • US$ 99.00


    Cheng man

    99% complete version of the famous MOC knights shuttle and booster. Pieces were pretty well moulded, no major flaws. Very good display model!
  • US$ 99.00


    Massimiliano Mannucci

    Enjoy the building
  • US$ 563.36


    Sebastian Richter

    Hard to build, but I enjoyed it very much. Instructions works ok. Would buy IT again. Perfect result.
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