Exclusive Sneak Peek Tron: Legacy Set

All the bikers and bike lovers out there will be more than elated to find out that Vonado has brought to them the miniature lego light cycles. This movie based on a virtual world journey by the son in memory of his deceased father had not only performed well in box office but also made the kids and youth crazy about its allover look.

The Daft Punk background score, some of the coolest costumes and as added bonanza, there were those light cycles which looked more like action bikes. Since childhood, you have obviously played with lego led lights and this will probably be the first time when you would be able to utilize your passion for biking and interest for this Disney movie into something that you can treasure as a memoir of your glorious youth!

While the lego kits you played with in childhood were mainstream and not so complicated, this tron legacy Set will be unique and you would have to be thoroughly attentive while installing the bricks. Besides, you can now light up legos with the lighting kit that will make the structure look action-packed with fused neon-tinted lights.

While watching the Tron: Legacy, we all have wished we were that skilled to create such a sensational virtual reality game –so, this is your chance to give that wish reality with the light cycles manned by two cyclists.

So, coming to the best part of this lego for adults, the lights used in the structure are orange and blue Dot Lights. One bike will be lightened up by seven 30 centimeters blue lights and another with seven such orange lights. The main highlighted portions are the huge wheels from where the lights get refracted to the cyclists and the base, thereby, making those parts illuminated as well.

The figurines of cyclists on the light cycle are created with precision as you will see them wearing helmets and the Tron themed jacket. The additional figurine standing beside also wears Tron jacket and what amazes you is how beautifully the face is created.

We understand that not everyone who is a lego enthusiast is expert in electrical knowledge and hence, all the lighting kits for lego toys are plug and play which means you don’t need any prior knowledge. You will get two expansion boards and one battery pack. All you need to do is to just get the AA batteries, insert them with the battery pack and connect the pack to the expansion boards with a connecting cable.

Now, just test the lights for the functionality and any damage (which is hardly possible) and you are all set to turn the attention to your lego structure even if it is dark.

All the lego lights and other peripherals included in the package are properly tested before shipping so that you do not find any discrepancy. At the same time, while attaching the lights and setting the bricks, you will get suggestions from the step-by-step detailed instruction kit.

It is up to you how minutely you create a miniature of the light cycles from the movie because, in many cases, enthusiasts purchase the lego bricks and customize according to their choice while taking an inspiration from the original.     

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