Ghostbusters (3)


If you have a Ghostbusters model and are looking to add LED lights to your set, simply scroll and browse below to find the appropriate light up kit. You can also use the search function above and type in the model name or number to find your set.

Our team of designers take great care and thought into designing our light kits. LED lights and lighting effects are applied naturally where lighting opportunities present themselves, this allows us to retain the original aesthetic of the LEGO set while enhancing its realism and visual dynamics.

Recreate iconic scenes with Ghostbusters LEGO® and Vonado LED Lighting Kits! You can light up the Firehouse Headquarters, ECTO-1 & 2 and more! Our easy to install kits come with detailed users guides and all the lighting components you need to bring your LEGO® set to life!

You also could choose the remote to control your model.Just find your Ghostbusters light kit today and bring your collection to life!