Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 

Speaking of Arnold Schwarzenegger's classic terminator films, it is no doubt that there is no one who is not familiar with them from the 80s to the 00s. The most classic part of this series belongs to terminator 2, and the most classic part of this film for a motor fan should be:

Arnold who played the role of the T-800 robot walked into a bar. With expressionless and naked, he glances at the customers one by one, who stare at him with surprise and disdain. "I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle," he says coldly, picking out a motorcyclist. In the ensuing bar fight, Harley was beaten to the ground by the T-800 robot, and finally Harley was absolutely willing to give it his clothes and motorcycle keys. Then T800 walked out of the bar, scanned the bikes parked outside and eventually picked up the harley-davidson FLSTF fat boy. The t-800 gives it a giddy sense of smoke.

During a subsequent road chase with liquid metal man, the T-800 sped down the road with a Harley FatBoy chasing a shootout that became a timeless Hollywood classic. And the Harley fatboy he rode in the movie was also sold for 500,000 dollars at auction last year.

Fortunately, although we cannot afford this expensive classic Harley fatboy, we can pay the Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® which selling price is just 99.99 dollars. Developed in partnership with Harley-Davidson, this highly detailed LEGO motorcycle captures the magic of the real-life machine, from its solid-disc Lakester wheels with beefy tires to its teardrop fuel tank with printed logos and inbuilt speedometer.


For Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy®, we can see that the appearance of the engine is well presented. And there are some stickers are very detailed. For example, the engine year sticker: *WGDLN1990*, which means FATBOY was born in 1990. In fact, It's not a 1990 model but the latest 2019 model. And we can see it from the hub. So this lego model is the latest than the one Schwarzenegger rode in Terminator 2.


In a manner of speaking, every men’s heart has a Harley motorcycle. This Harley fat boy attracted a great deal of attention when it shows, much of it for the flash appearance and the perfect showcase of “Terminator” movies. But the lego models are always “dead” in dark, so please imagine that if you light up the front and rear of the fat boy, what will happen? Now let’s see the magic.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269

Lighting up your exclusively harley davidson fat boy with your imagined free-matching LED Lights to bring the model to life. And there is one more thing that you need to know, which is that the remote version of it can allow you to adjust the brightness and switches of the lights. Its easy and simple to handle even for those who have no electronics knowledge.




Come to get your own Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and light up your own uniqueness.

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