Hidden Mysteries - Lego Buckingham Palace Set Review

There is hardly anyone who loves exploring historical architectures and does not know about the royal Buckingham Palace in London. Engrossed in modern history, this architectural digest has been represented in various media be it sand art, snow or even lego lights. Yes, perhaps one of the first play things that were your favorite was the lego bricks with which you could build numerous buildings mostly.

Hidden Mysteries - Lego Buckingham Palace Set Review

Now that you have grown up and still feel the urge to make the best out of the lego bricks, we have brought to you the lighting kits which are perfect complimentary to the lego structures. At Vonado, you will get light kits for almost every structure; you just have to purchase the bricks accordingly.

Now, as much exciting as it seems to create the legendary Buckingham Palace with lego bricks and lights, in reality it might not be that easy to create each and every minute details with lego pieces. Hence, this lego architecture is designed with a minimalistic yet distinctive look which will not only be easier to build but also look almost as stunning as the palace itself with all its lights on during the night.

The glossy lego bricks used for the front yard, the double-decker London bus, the magnificent marble fountain, the light posts, pillars and all the parts of this lego building look unique in their own way. The no-frills design looks easy to assemble and being plug-and-play model, the light kits too need no prior knowledge of wiring.

Hidden Mysteries - Lego Buckingham Palace Set Review

Even if you feel confused as to which part to create first or how to create a certain part, there is the instruction kit with thorough steps written in universal language.

In this context, you should know that all the LED lights offered per package are chosen with a certain lego structure in mind. So, you can easily make changes and customize the structure as you please. The lego city buildings like this Buckingham Palace come with one blue Dot Light, six white Dot Lights and two LED white strip lights.

Hidden Mysteries - Lego Buckingham Palace Set Review

The lights mostly adorn the numerous room segments, the corridors, the lamps along the boundary and along the fountain gradients etc to make the special parts highlighted. While the main parts will be well-lit, the other parts of this structure will also get fused lighting, therefore, overall the entire structure is brilliantly enlightened.  

However, the lights are not the only parts of the lego modular buildings although they form the main magic realism ambience when the room does not have lights switched on. You have to purchase AA batteries according to the size and lighting installation of the structure.

Hidden Mysteries - Lego Buckingham Palace Set Review

The battery pack comes with the package where you have to insert the batteries. The batteries are then connected to the 5 centimeter connecting cable and the 15 centimeter connecting table with the expansion board o eight ports.

The whole installation process for the lego bricks and the lights might seem too difficult for you but once you are thorough with the instruction manual, it will be like a piece of cake. The icing on the cake would be the beauty of the lightened palace when you keep the lights switched off.

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