How Building Lights Glance up your Lego Artwork

Do you remember those childhood days which you spent playing Lego during summer vacations? Vonado lets you experience your childhood once again with their fascinating Building Lights for irradiating your Lego bricks. The company incepted in 2010 and today it has carved out a distinguished place in the domain of toy and lighting accessories manufacturing industry. We will now discuss some of the products and their intriguing features to enlighten Lego-lovers like you on the work of this amazing company.

Recreate the magic of Disney land

No matter what your age is; everyone forever is a Disney fan. If you want to recreate the Disney magic in your living room or bedroom, then purchase Vonado’s lego lights kit for Disney castle. The Kit comprises 6 LED strip lights of multicolor and six strip lights of white color. You will also get connecting cables of varying sizes of 5cm, 15cm, 30 and 50 cms. Expansion and effect boards and adhesive squares are other components provided for lighting your Disney castle.

Disney land

Feel the thrill of a roller coaster ride

Vonado brings to lighting kit for your roller coaster lego brick as well. It is available in two versions and these are the basic and advanced version. The latter consists of six 15cm flashlights beside the basic white lights. Moreover, the multicolor strings add aliveness to your Lego model. For easy installation, Vonado provides to your every equipment handy. You will further get two 8-port expansion boards and two 6-port expansion boards. The inclusion of one AA battery pack is an added feature. Every intricate structural detail is highlighted with lighting strip. It does not here. You will get a tiny light for illuminating the tiny carriage.

roller castel

Grace your room with Statue of Liberty

Would like to grace your study room with an iconic sculpture? Then you must look into Vonado’s light brick for the Statue of Liberty. It comprises twenty-bit lights along with two LED light strips for back and front sirens. You get a 30 cm USB power cable and other connecting cables of various lengths. These light accessories highlight every finer detail of this Lego model. Like every other lighting kit, this one also has an informative and helpful installation guide that ensures you face no trouble while setting up the model.

statue of liberty

Entertainment at your fingertip

If you are a movie buff, then you would certainly like to have a mini palace cinema as a decorative piece in your living room. Now you can turn your dream into reality by purchasing the Vonado’s Palace Cinema lighting kit. This kit boasts of 39 LED lights, in addition, the lamp post-Lego with LED light installed is also available. Although you get AA battery pack, batteries have not been included. The special mention is twelve white flashlights which produce enthralling internal flashing and street lighting. On top of that, you can avail multiple-light kits that can light up Lego bricks of four simultaneous models.

London bridge

A fondness of Lego knows no age; it is liked by both children and adults alike. If you are already intrigued by the features of these amazing lighting products, then place your order today on Vonado’s online store.

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