How Lego came to be World's most famous brick

"Lego - An Imaginary World" 

Lego has become a formidable force in building a child’s imagination and honing his creative skills with plastic bricks. Some have taken this childhood passion further and carved a niche career for themselves with these colorful building blocks. So what makes them some popular? Is it the skill set required into becoming your own master creator? Or the simple task of handling them easily?

We know what Ole Kirk Kristiansen – the founder of LEGO was thinking when he first imported a plastic-injection-molding machine into Denmark in 1946. He lucratively twisted plastic into a billion dollar toy business which has never stopped and will always be the key to nurture imaginative minds even in the future.

Lego stands for Play Well in Danish and generations have been passed down these building blocks as legacy of well played individuals. In the present day there is a swanky LEGO house designed in the style of classic Lego bricks as an homage to the creator and the brand. Apart from that there are two other LEGO monuments in Billund, Denmark. There is also a million visitor attraction known as Legoland a theme park based on everything to do with these colorful bricks.

There are eight such theme parks all over the world that generates enough buzz for the brand even today. With 138 flagship stores worldwide it has a competitive marketing strategy to retain its customers making it an unbeaten toy brand in the modern world which is ridden with tablets, mobiles and virtual games.

And while you teach your kids to build a fun structure brick by brick you also need to make it look lifelike. Give your Lego sets a makeover with sophisticated lighting system from Vonado.  This Lego LED lighting company was founded by a bunch of maverick Lego designers who were seeking the light to enhance their creations. This Lego light system has easy assembling for pro Lego players as well as newbies who are trying out some DIY techniques to enhance their brick sets.

Each kit comes with trouble-free instructions and installation guides, these LED lights can be concealed into any form and shape so it makes them accessible for any kind of Lego design. There are various sets of lighting for your convenience the vehicle lights can be used for Lego cars, spaceships and boats. The building lights for modular sets of architecture, the franchise lights custom made for Harry Potter, Star Wars and Ghostbuster fans. Also a separate set of DIY Lego LED lights to light up your bricks.

The next time you decide to be part of a LEGO brick legacy choose Vonado LEGO LED lights to ensure that your dream is perfectly lit up for the world to see.

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