How to Light Up My Bricks Millennium Falcon

For any kid, Star Wars means the big space ships in the space that are the signature of any Star War feature movies. And now the most famous spaceship of all the time, Millennium Falcon is now available in the form of LEGO. And along with this structure comes the lightning kits for the space ship. By adding the lighting kit to the set makes the entire LEGO structure becomes more daunting and impressive.  Some basic features for this structure include dual loaded shooters and detachable cockpits and the interior of the space ship is very well designed.

star wars Falcon

The battery packs are neatly concealed inside the Millennium Falcon spaceship. This structure comes with lights for front and rear sides, the cockpit and also for the top cannons. All the kits that are sold in the market just need to assemble and switch on the system. There is no need for any electronics knowledge for assembling the ship. LEGO light kit has the instruction manual that is easy to follow. This manual will help the customers in a step by step way for completing the assembling of the structure. Anyone can assemble the whole structure by following the instruction manual.

Important Points to Note 

  • All the given cables can be fully fitted underneath and between LEGO plates, tiles and bricks. Don’t try to forcefully join any two bricks can cause damage to both bricks and lights.
  • While inserting any connectors on to ports of the extension board, take extra precaution. Look out for the “=” symbol and insert the exposed part of the wire in the symbol side.
  • While installing LEGO Lightsbe sure that the LED component is properly exposed.

lego star wars Falcon

Installing the lights

Connect the 6x 5cm Connecting Cables and 6x White Strip Lights with the help of the connecting wires. After connecting leave one side of the cable loose. After this step, connect the loose cable in the 12-port Expansion Board at the port furthest in the right side.

Open the blockers on the left side and insert the light strips one by one. With the help of the adhesive given on the back side stick the lights on the boards. Again join the sides of the backsides to complete the structure.

 Follow the instructions given on the guides along with the pictures to complete the full structure of the LEGO star-war space ship. The guide has all the instructions that are needed for the successful assembling of the structure. Carefully follow the guide and given pictures to have a clear idea of where to install the lights from the kits and how to connect the wires. After connecting according to the guide carefully check if the whole setup by turning it on.

Before reconnecting all the main parts back, tuck in all the loose wire in the middle section of the ship. The above points are some of the steps of lighting up the space ship. Turn off all the lights of the room and turn on the lights of the space ship for enjoying the ultimate joy of LEGO space ship.

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