How to optimize your Lego model?

Does the little kid in you get all excited just at a glimpse of Lego bricks? You do not have to be embarrassed to confess your undying love for Lego just because you are not a child anymore. Both children and adults have the penchant for these toys- the charm of Lego are irresistible, you see. How about the idea of illuminating your lego model from childhood days with freaking amazing lights?

Jaw dropped, right? Yes, this is absolutely doable and with Vonado’s robust online website and services, you get the privilege to explore their expansive light accessories collections. Let us now look into some exclusive features of this company that set it as the star performer from the rest of the pack in this domain.

Overflowing lighting kits


Are you finding ways to optimize the latest Lego set you just bought? Then check out Vonado’s lego light kit that is destined for your bricks, and you, for sure, won’t regret it. From Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Great Hall to the Star Wars series, extravagant light kits are available for each of this model.

Although the number of cables and LEDs vary as per the structural and design of the models, every kit features an exhaustive list of accessories. Therefore, it eliminates any scope of your market hunting for separate electronic pieces. Given below are some of the standard electrical components that reside in these kits:

  • Multicolored lights (Depends on the demand of the Lego models)
  • Strip lights LED
  • Connecting Cables
  • Expansion Board
  • AAA Pack of Batteries

The multi-light connecting kit facility lets the user connect four lighting kits and further power them with the USB Cable. This might come to you as a surprise but this feature is exclusive to Vonado without any precedence or any significant parallel.

User-friendly installation guide

Light kit for star war

Are you already wondering whether your layman knowledge in electronics is enough for lighting your beloved Lego bricks with these sophisticated lego light? Then be rest assured that it is more than sufficient. Vonado provides you with a super convenient user manual that acts as the guiding light of yours at every step of lights setting.

Added on to it is the Plug-N-Play feature that curtails your hassles and doubles your fun playing with Lego. Whether it is the basic or advanced version of Porsche, the comprehensive light installation guide is accompanying all the Lego bricks. However, what you should keep in mind is that the Lego model and light accessories are sold separately. It indicates two separate purchases if you wish to procure both of them.

DIY individual light

Lego helicopter

Another surprise awaits the Lego fans like you, and that is Vonado’s DIY light catering provision. If you are seeking electronic pieces and not the entire lighting bunch, then you can choose an appropriate one from the company’s array collection. It has individual connecting cable, lights, effect boards, and expansion boards that empower you to illuminate the Lego world of yours in your own desirable way.

Setting up Lego lights is truly a child’s play now. In order to know and see more of its brilliance, you must visit Vonado online store right away.

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