Lego Battle Of Endor Sets- Defeating The Empire At Last

If action and thrill are what defines the main fun quotient of your game, then Lego Star War - The Battle of Endor can be an excellent choice! For almost everyone, assembling and dissembling lego bricks are a significant part of the childhood and as you grow up, the number of lego bricks increases but the excitement of creating new things and the feeling to create a new story never fades. When you are creating a battlefield with the Lego bricks, the main concern is to make each war machine look natural yet powerful while the figurines, if perfectly assembled give a new facet to the overall battle scene.

The Lego Battle of Endor come with 890 lego pieces, enough to challenge your patience to give the battle scene a sensational look. As a matter of fact, this was introduced on the tenth anniversary of the . As for the scene, the so-called final tie fighter between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance takes place on Endor’s forest moon. The story unfolds when the brave men of the Rebels join the fierce Ewok warrior tribes with the mission to take out shields of the Death Star by destroying its secret bunker. So, what’s the part that you play? Well, nothing much! You just have to recreate the battle scene.

Star War Battle

As mentioned in the story, there will be one opening bunker having sliding blast doors. Assembling the Lego bricks to create the AT-ST Scout walkers in walking action can give a realistic appearance. At the same time, a firing catapult along with two speeder bikes and an Ewok Glider are to be assembled for completion of the Battle of Endor. With the war machines and battleground features, you will be provided lego bricks for twelve figurines to make the battle look real. Apart from three Ewoks, troopers of the Star War Death Star, two Rebel commandoes, two scout troopers, and R2- D2 as classic deco, the main characters that you can assemble are Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca.

 The twelve figurines are small sized and in a fixed posture, but the walking action of the AT-ST Scout will be more impressive. The AT-ST, if properly assembled will be 19.1 cm in height while the Imperial bunker is ten inches in length and 7.5 inches in width. Besides, the explosion function of the bunker will be nothing less thrilling than a video game.

 star war

The lego plates of the Battle of Endor's set will be hard to assemble but that is where its interest lies. From 9-year-old kids to 17-year-old teenagers and even older people can make the best out of this 10th-anniversary edition of the Lego superstar destroyer. Let your kids’ imagination fly freely when they are working on creating the Endor battleground – indoor or outdoor, the lego bricks when assembled fully will look as grand as ever.

As it is a limited-edition product, its availability will be a matter of concern but Vonado has it sorted for you. Gift your kids or even the young heart of yours this action-packed lego set and watch a period war take place without any casualty!

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