Lego Temple with Delightful Architectural Features! NINJAGO TEMPLE of AIRJITZU

During the childhood phase, every youngster is an engineer and a storyteller. Every child rides on their imaginative horse and creates stories with no limit and what better than a Lego set to support the imagination.

With a set of the ultimate Lego Ninjagonot only children but adults too can experience the ultimate joy of building experience. This set was introduced by Lego in 2011 based on the ninja theme. With the background setting of Ninjago, one can become the tale-teller of an amazing ninja story. In this set children can build their version of majestic Temple of Airjitzu and villages surrounding the temple. This set against the backdrop of the fictional village and temple enhances the creativity of the children to make an amazing story and share it with their friends. This Lego set consists of oriental style sliding doors and window with amazing colorful features. The market place surrounding the temple will give a challenge to your kid’s planning abilities.


Every set of the NINJAGO consist of six ninja characters. With this character in their hand, they can play the character itself to take part in the amazing Ninjago adventure. One can either join with other characters in a tea party or join his sensei for a training session or the child can alone practice his or her ninja moves in the training room. He or she can also join other kids to form a party to become a band of role-playing ninja for discovering new and exciting feature hidden in the set.

Along with his or her party, the child can fight against the dangerous stone dragons for successfully crossing the bridge to gain access to the smuggler’s market. There they can search for various treasures. They can also seek out the amazing ninja glider hidden in the blacksmith chambers. During the night with the help of lego light kit the child and his band of ninja can enjoy the light shows of the amazing temple.    

Ninjago temple 

There are some basic features of the lego temple set that are included in every unit. These features are as follows:

  • Every character is accompanied by 12 other mini-figures.
  • Weapons like katana are included in the set for Kai, Zane, Jay, Lloyd, Nya, and
  • The total number of Lego pieces available is about 2028.
  • With every set purchased, the buyer will get six ninjas at a time.
  • Various village features like bridges and steps, market place surrounding the temple, grass stalks and a statue which belongs to Yang Sensei are included in the set.
  • Important building material for Temple of Airjitzu, Smuggler’s Market and Blacksmith’s Workshop are also included in the set.
  • The dimension of the Temple of Airjitzu is about 16” (height) X 7” (length) X 7” (breadth).
  • For the Blacksmith’s Workshop, the dimension is about 5” (height) X 7” (length) X 5” (breadth).
  • The measurement of Smuggler’s Market is about 5” (height) X 7” (length) X 5” (breadth).
  • This set comes with battery operated lego lights for the amazing light show.

This toy will not only bring joy to your child but will also test his or her planning skills, creative aptitude, and building aptitude. This toy will give your child the ultimate joy and teach the values of friendships and bravery.


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