Lighting up your lego masterpiece makes you more ecstatic!

It was a lazy Sunday morning and Tom was busy assembling his Hogwarts Castle Lego set. His dad noticed that he was deftly assembling the Lego bricks and the castle was almost complete. As he assembled the final brick,

Tom: “Dad, finally, I have done it!”, and proudly showed him the fully-assembled Hogwarts Castle.

Dad: “Well done, Tom. Now let’s do one thing. Pull out the curtains. I want to see how it looks in the dark”, his dad said. Tom immediately pulled the curtains. “Let’s turn off the light too”, his dad said, “I want to see how your magnificent castle would look like at night”.

Tom: “Sure, Dad. It would be fun”, Tom replied and turned out the light. Just as the lights went out, Tom’s smile and thrill was replaced by a gloomy expression.

Tom: “Dad, I cannot see my Lego castle”, he cried. The happiness of assembling the set had vanished.

Harry Potter Castle

Dad: “Oh, come on, Tom”, his dad hugged him and said, “You shouldn’t lose heart. You did a brilliant job assembling the castle”, he comforted him. “Your castle is right here, we just have to figure out a way to make it shine bright at night”, he said. Tom was confused. Just then, his dad turned on the lights in the room and handed him a pack of Lego light kit for Hogwarts Castle. Tom’s eyes lit up again.

Tom: “What is it, Dad?”, he inquired.

 “Whoa!”, Tom exclaimed after opening the packet. “These are lights for my castle!”, he almost shouted in excitement. His dad smiled and showed him the accompanying installation manual.

Dad: “Would you like me to help you with the installation of these lights?”, he asked.

Tom: “Let me try myself first, please”, Tom replied and immediately started installing the lights on his castle.

 Dad: “I found this light kit on Vonado. They had a great collection of light kits for every Lego brick set. I just couldn’t let this one go”, his dad chuckled. “If you like this kit, we will buy more from Vonado. They had such kits that matched with many Lego products”, his dad told him.

 Tom was able to complete the installation in no time.

Tom: “Dad, let’s see how my castle looks like at night NOW”, he smirked, as he turned on the lights of his castle.

Dad: “You have to put batteries in the pack for the lights to turn on”, his dad told him.

Tom: He immediately got AA batteries and put them in place. This time, the lights of the castle lit up. 

They turned off the room lights again and looked at the castle. A wave of excitement swept them both. Tom’s Hogwarts Castle was illuminated with an array of LED lights in different colors. The halls, the windows, and the boundary wall were flashing in brilliance. It was as if the movie set was right inside their house!

Vonado Harry Potter castle

 Tom: “Thank you”, Tom hugged his dad. “I love these Lego light kits. These lights have added life to my castle. I am ecstatic to see my castle in full glory”, he chuckled.

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