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MOC-4446 Airport Crash Tender

MOC-4446 Airport Crash Tender Item NO.: 686722

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Product Name MOC-4446 Airport Crash Tender
Item NO. 686722
Weight 7.5 kg = 16.5347 lb = 264.5547 oz
Category MOC World
Tag moc , Tender , Airport , Crash , MOC-4446 , 4446
Creation Time 2019-10-14

Building Airport Crashtender is in Kronenburg‘s DNA! 

Airport crash tenders are extremely powerful machines. They offer relatively good acceleration for their size and weight, are able to negotiate rough terrain outside the airport area, carry large capacities of water and fire fighting foam, are fitted with powerful high-capacity pumps and water/foam cannons, and are capable of delivering firefighting media over long distances. They can be mounted on 4x4, 6x6, or even 8x8 wheeled chassis. In order to decrease their turning radius, the 8x8 wheeled unit may have all four front wheels steerable.

Newer airport crash tenders also incorporate twin-agent nozzles/injection systems to inject a stream of Purple-K dry chemical into the AFFF firefighting foam stream, knocking-down the fire faster.[1] Some also have Halotron tanks with handlines for situations that require a clean agent to be utilized. These features give the airport crash tenders a capability to reach an airplane rapidly, and rapidly put out large fires with jet fuel involved.

Here, let’s search out how the airport crash tender work through the mini version of MOC-4446 Airport Crash Tender.

Lighting system made with 13 PF Leds and there is a mechanical timing of Emergency lights.

There are 1 M and 2 PF switch which can be fully remote controlled.

Equiped with 2 L to lift extinguisher arm, which can be worked as extinguisher cannons to put out a fire. Then how? When the compressed air goes into the water tank, the water is spitted out. You can check water level by opening the side part of the tender.

The function of this MOC-4446 Airport Crash Tender is much more than that. For more details, you can get one to search out how it works.

Form the customers

This Kit Contains:

7177  PCS GOOD Quality Bricks
It is PF version(power function)

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