New Feature Addition in Star Wars Set - Great News for Lego Lovers

All you Star Wars fans are in for a huge treat! Vonado brings you the Death Star Docking Bay 327 Hanger MOC for minifig scale UCS Falcon. This bay is the most talked-about product in the Star Wars category and has more than7800 PCS bricks for you to recreate the magic of the movie, right inside your home. The impeccable designing and detailing of this set is sure to enthrall Lego lovers like never before. In addition, you can illuminate your Lego bricks and give them a touch of class to recreate the film scene to perfection with added visual effects.

Get ready to relive the scene when Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, and the droids hastily escaped onto the Falcon and high-tailed it out of the Death Star. You will be able to recreate the same scene by assembling these self-locking, lighted Lego bricks with the help of the detailed instruction booklet that accompanies it. Test your assembly skills and create the miniature replica of the Death Star Docking Bay 327 Hanger MOC for minifig scale UCS Falcon.

Upon complete assembly, it will take you back in your favorite Star Wars movie. This set is yet another example of a creative and perfect masterpiece of Lego, that we had made available to you. The minute details of the docking bay will be accentuated with the Lego LED lighting strip and bit lights. Overall, this product will help you build the most realistic miniature Lego version of the scene.

This limited-edition and exclusive model is a perfect match with UCS Falcon. This docking bay has an approximate length of 105 cm and a width of about 95 cm. With these dimensions, you can be sure that Lego has given more than enough considerations to detailing. With all its accessories and more than 7800 bricks, the package would weight about 15 kg. You don’t have to worry about the shipping cost because we ship it to you for absolutely no additional cost.


In addition to the 7805 bricks that will be used to assemble the docking bay and add details to it, the contents of the package would also include 1xAAA Battery pack, 9x Bit Lights (White), 1x LED Strip Light, 1x Connecting cable (5 cm), 2x Connecting cables (15 cm), 7x Connecting cables (30 cm), 7x Connecting cables (30 cm), 3x 6-port Expansion Boards and 1x Multi Flicker Board. The docking bay would contain 188 distinct parts, with multiples, totaling 7805 regular and light bricks.

The set will be delivered in an awesome box packaging and will include a collector’s booklet with detailed and complete building instructions. The user guide instructions may also be found on the ‘User Guide’ section on the Vonado website.

Product name- Star Wars Docking Bay 327 Hanger MOC for minifig scale UCS Falcon.

SKU- C001-S

Order this amazing Star Wars set at Vonado today and become the proud owner of a limited-edition masterpiece that will be a source of inspiration and thrill for a longs time to come.

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