The craze for Lego and the interest for assembling the Lego bricks have never faded for young and grownups alike. While in earlier days, the Lego plates were available only to build small structures as you like, with the advancement of age, even the Lego merchandise too have gone through an evolution where more and complicated Lego parts have been introduced to create larger and trickier materials. From Star Wars to Hogwarts, the lighted Lego bricks have been thoroughly popular among the mass.

The new Ship in a Bottle product of Lego is a delicate gift created with Lego parts and comes with lights to add extra magic. You would have definitely seen the conventional décor item where a small ship is inserted into a simple glass bottle but this lighted Lego ship is something you would not have expected!

Coming to the product description, this authentic and mesmerizing product is available in four versions according to the budget –Basic Version, Advanced Version, Fantasy Version, and the Most Fantasy Version. The more upgraded version you buy, the additional lights and magic realism you can create with the Lego ship in the bottle. The product actually was part of a voting project of Lego Ideas where Jake Sadovich, the creator submitted this item. As Jake said, he got this unique idea from an actual showpiece of a ship in the bottle he created long ago and then decided to create this Lego gift as a replica of the old ship in the bottle. This ship in the bottle, thus created by him earned ten thousand votes for Lego ideas and was soon turned into reality.

ship in the bottle

The basic version Lego light kits include four Dot Lights along with a six port Expansion board. For the advanced version, you will get seven Dot Lights with a twelve port expansion board. To add more charm there is the Fantasy version which has seven Dot Lights and one blue Strip lights along with a twelve port expansion board and a connecting cable and the Most Fantasy Version which again comes with seven Dot Lights, one blue strip lights and a multi-effects board along with twelve port expansion board and two connecting cables. All the four versions come with one AA Battery Pack however you would need three AA Batteries for the smooth functioning. A few assorted Lego bricks are also there for easy assembly.

Warm yellow and blue lights look perfect for the magical ambiance and to make things easier, you would not need any prior electrical knowledge to assemble the kit –they offer simple plugging and playing. You can easily lighten up the Lego ship in the bottle by reading the step-by-step guidance on the user manual.

lighting ship in the bottle

If you have a fascination for nautical treasures like this, the Lego ship in the bottle would be a perfect gift choice for you or you can create it with Lego parts and keep it on a table or shelf as home décor. Just get the Lego sets according to your wish and the lighting kit from Vonado according to your budget and then let your Lego skills flourish!

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