Top Five Star War Lego Products!

For any teenager or grownup person having a fancy for Lego bricks would literally stop at nothing when it comes to assembling the bricks together in order to give it a proper shape. The Lego war franchise for Star Wars has an interesting fan base who love action packed in science-fiction.

1.Star Wars BB-8

BB-8 from Star Wars has a mission for Resistance regarding a secret map. It can be brought back to live action with the lego lights offered with the lighting kit. There are three white Dot Lights, three red Dot lights, two blue dot lights and one flashing white dot light for you to give this droid magic realism look. What you will love the most is the rotating head of BB-8 as well as extension-retraction of a torch. You will get to assemble eight assorted Lego bricks along with connecting cables and boards for fire effects and port expansion. 

2.Star Wars UCS Super Star Destroyer

The celebrated Super Star Destroyer, the longest Executor-class ship from Star Wars universe is now available as the miniature over 19 kilometers long version made out of more than three thousand Lego bricks. Sitting on the 50 inches board, the ship will remind you of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi where it outdid the cruisers and battleships. As you reminisce about Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Luke Skywalker boarding the ship in the ending, over forty LED lights having flashing effects will give it a realistic look.  

Star Wars UCS Super Star Destroyer

3.Star Wars R2-D2

Another droid from the Star Wars, the R2-D2 is here with the Lego lighting kit so that when it is fully set up, the flashing LEDs make it look even cuter when it revolves its head. The kits of R2-D2 come with the mandatory AA Battery Pack excluding batteries and six-port expansion board for easy plugging and play. As for the lights, you will get two blue Dot Lights and two white Dot Lights. Its head is made up of thin Lego bricks and the white body is made up of larger parts which can be assembled easily with the help of user guide.

Star Wars R2-D2

4. Star Wars Death Star

The sensational doomsday device of Star Wars, the UCS Death Star WITH lego lighting will let you relive the scenes when Alderaan is destroyed by planet weapon X-Wing station is blown up. With blue, red and green Lightsabers, 14 red, blue and white Strip lights, seven 30cm white Dot Lights and thirteen 30cm green Dot Lights, the fifty LEDs make the perfect setup for firing cannons and super laser of Sith and Jedi characters. With different color themed lighting strips for each compartment, the complete product looks nothing less than a battle station, fully operational.  

Star Wars Death Star

5.Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon

With eleven assorted Lego bricks, six expansion boards and twelve connecting boards, the Millennium Falcon from Vonado is not unknown to any Star Wars fan. This widely popular spaceship comes in life with the cockpit lights, top cannon flashing lights, as well as front and rear lights. There are twenty red, blue and white Dot Lights, two Flashing lights and six Strip Lights in the package to let you customize the lighting as you please.

Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon

Unless the action figures of Lego Star Wars are made to look natural and in action, they lack the overall charm. So, Vonado brings you the all-new Lego Star Wars merchandise with the light-up feature that would make the figures look real.

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