• 7 Lego Lighting Tips from The LEGO® Movie
    The Lego Movie created a great buzz when it released and even today is one of the most admired movies. The hilarious tale in the movie is a staggering achievement in visual effects and animation. However, the Lego Movie had to face multiple challenges quite similar to what a CG lighting artist would have to with a live action film...
  • 5 facts you didn't know about the Ghostbusters Ecto-1
    Those who were born in the 90’s would definitely remember the Ghostbusters series, the horror-comedy movie franchise released in 1984. With the release of the new movie starring all female characters including Melissa McCarthy and mixed reactions from the audience, the idea of recreating the trivia through Lego pieces were doing the rounds...
  • MOCs Bricks!!! Visit The World Of Magic!
    Lego bricks are undoubtedly the best playing accessories for kids since childhood and everyone would agree how it would help developing the minds as people love to create their own choice of structures. This being said, it is obvious that within the fan base, there are numerous Lego enthusiasts who have created their own Lego MOCs and came into popularity. Now, the question arises...
  • Exclusive Sneak Peek Tron: Legacy Set
    All the bikers and bike lovers out there will be more than elated to find out that Vonado has brought to them the miniature lego light cycles. This movie based on a virtual world journey by the son in memory of his deceased father had not only performed well in box office but also made the kids and youth crazy about its allover look....
  • Build your own tiny mini Wall-E!
    The moment, we hear the name Wall-E, the ever so cute robot from the Disney Pixar movie is flashed in front of our eyes. Who would not fall in love with those adorable button-like eyes and the way he awkwardly fell in love with EVE in the course of cleaning up the wasteland of the earth in 29th century? We all have wished we had our own Wall-E themed souvenirs after the movie released and in order to fulfill that dream.....
  • Hidden Mysteries - Lego Buckingham Palace Set Review
    There is hardly anyone who loves exploring historical architectures and does not know about the royal Buckingham Palace in London. Engrossed in modern history, this architectural digest has been represented in various media be it sand art, snow or even lego lights. Yes, perhaps one of the first play things that were your favorite was the lego bricks with which you could build numerous buildings mostly.....
    The craze for Lego and the interest for assembling the Lego bricks have never faded for young and grownups alike. While in earlier days, the Lego plates were available only to build small structures as you like, with the advancement of age, even the Lego merchandise too have gone through an evolution where more and complicated Lego parts have been introduced to create...
  • Lego Temple with Delightful Architectural Features! NINJAGO TEMPLE of AIRJITZU
    During the childhood phase, every youngster is an engineer and a storyteller. Every child rides on their imaginative horse and creates stories with no limit and what better than a Lego set to support the imagination. With a set of the ultimate Lego Ninjago, not only children but adults too can experience the ultimate joy of building...Read More
  • Find Compatible Lights for Lego Artwork
    Lego is a type of plastic based construction-themed toys. The lego is manufactured by The Lego Group which is based in Denmark. These plastic toys are able to interconnect with each other to form various kinds of structures. These LEGO designs include different kinds of building, working robots, and vehicles. All the constructed structure can be taken apart and redesigned into any new structures. Generally, LEGO came with no sound and lighting effects...Read More
  • How to optimize your Lego model?
    Does the little kid in you get all excited just at a glimpse of Lego bricks? You do not have to be embarrassed to confess your undying love for Lego just because you are not a child anymore. Both children and adults have the penchant for these toys- the charm of Lego are irresistible, you see. How about the idea of illuminating your lego model from childhood days with freaking amazing lights? Jaw dropped, right? Yes, this is absolutely doable and with Vonado’s robust online website and services, you get the privilege to explore their expansive light accessories collections. Let us now look into some exclusive features...Read more
  • How to Light Up My Bricks Millennium Falcon
    For any kid, Star Wars means the big space ships in the space that are the signature of any Star War feature movies. And now the most famous spaceship of all the time, Millennium Falcon is now available in the form of LEGO. And along with this structure comes the lightning kits for the space ship. By adding the lighting kit to the set makes the entire LEGO structure becomes more daunting and impressive. Some basic features for this structure include...Read More
  • Top Five Star War Lego Products!
    For any teenager or grownup person having a fancy for Lego bricks would literally stop at nothing when it comes to assembling the bricks together in order to give it a proper shape. The Lego war franchise for Star Wars has an interesting...
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