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 1. What is  MOC? – My Own Creation

All right most people know the answer this question.

What does MOC mean and this could be short basically what it means is it stands for My Own Creation, and so it’s basically somebody they’re not building a Lego set from instructions.


MOCs just building it from their mind

MOCs just building it from their mind

They’re just building it from their mind, from their own imagination and it’s something they’ve designed in their head. 


MOC – My Own Creation. In fact, there is a very profound philosophy in the lego toys, with “minimalist” construction “complicated”: each piece of “work” it is a piece of standard brick constantly “added” made. But it is this dust-and-ground foundation “structure” to build one child after another imagination, so that the dream of high-rise housing, so that a building scale.

You know just bricks and so that’s what it is it’s just a things that people make, it’s basically like if you were your own company and you started making your own sets. They would be what you made your own creation so that you’ve created yourself it’s completely made up by you.

And you’ve put it into Moc form and so it’s yours.

Star Wars MOC


2. What is the Difference between LEGO Sets vs  MOCs ? Based on the explanations above, we can completely tell the difference between LEGO Sets and LEGO Mocs.

2.1. First of all, LEGO Sets have manuals and Mocs are based on the imagination and creativity of the assemblers. LEGO Sets have manuals,But For Moc,its privy.So we always consider this problem.Today,you can get the free and complete insturciton and purchase the whole set,only on Vonado!


2.2. LEGO Sets have bricks available for assembly and lego blocks do not, you have to go search for retail brick websites. With this alone, you can see how time-consuming to create a complete set of lego machines


2.3. The uniqueness and rarity is also one of the great differences of LEGO Sets and LEGO Mocs. Not everyone owns a  MOCs, but the LEGO Set is different, you can own them if you have enough money to buy them. You may see some sets that are not made by LEGO, but you should not worry about this.


The uniqueness and rarity is also one of the great differences. We – Vonado are one of the leading companies in the production of  Mocs products.

Space MOC

The minimum number of LEGO mass production is 10,000 sets, along with many licensing from the competent authorities, so 1 set of mass production is difficult. However, with a history of over 10 years of production experience, Vonado can mass produce 100 sets / product (only 1% compared to LEGO). You can easily own Moc pieces than before.

We also have new product policies weekly, so in addition to existing products, we are always updating and adding new products weekly. Therefore, you can easily complete your collection without spending time waiting as with LEGO products.

We also complete the odd pieces on our website, which will help you take the initiative in creative freedom to create great products.

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