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MOC-15252 Duowheel Mini with PF (3 left in stock)

Part count: 190 bricks
Dimensions: 14.4 x 16 x 14.4 cm
Weight: 0.39 kg
Special Price $59.63 was $70.15
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The Duowheel Mini isn?? your ordinaryremote control vehicle. It?? a finely balanced and insanely fun way to entertain the kids.

It bounces off walls, can go down stairs* and can spin in circles on the spot.

This Kit Contains:

  • 190  pcs bricks
  • Size¸`?L :   15 cm     W :16 cm   H :15 cm 

The  product package does not contain stickers and is electronically printed. The printed parts are replaced by ordinary parts and do not contain third-party accessories. The manual and renderings are for reference only and are subject to the actual parts package.


User guide instructions for all our kits can also be found on the Users Guides section of our website.

All parts are quality checked before shipping, so if you find some missing or damaged parts, don't worry.  Please contact us and we will send them to you immediately of charge.


This MOC sets will be shipped out within 7 days, thanks for your support.

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MOC-15252 Duowheel Mini with PF (3 left in stock)

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