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LEGO Corner Garage 10264 Light Kit

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Drop by the LEGO? Creator Expert 10264 Corner Garage, where you’ll discover a world of fun and surprises! Now you can truly bring all this to life with our custom-made vonado light kit!

Light up the highly detailed interior, 1950s-style gas station, kiosk and vehicle workshop and make this beautiful building stand out as it illuminates to provide a cosy feeling. The lights produce a bright white glow which shines out of all the windows in the upper part of the building and lower customer area making the model look aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to look at. 

Fantasize about recreating the perfect community as you see all the warm exterior yellow ornate street and building lights illuminate the front exterior of the building and the shining green car head lights subtly adding extra contrast.  It definitely provides a sense of serenity seeing your LEGO model display like this. This LED light kit will make your LEGO model look amazing in your bedroom, office, man cave or front room, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends for sure. 

Vonado LED light kits are made of high-quality durable materials and easy to install. Plug-and-play with no electrical knowledge required! so you can build with confidence with the perfect accessory for your LEGO model.  The light set is exactly as shown in the pictures and consists of following parts:

    • 1 x 30cm White Dot Light
    • 8 x 15cm White Dot Lights
    • 1 x 15cm Multi Colour FlashingDot Light
    • 5 x 15cm Connecting Cables
    • 2 x 30cm Connecting Cables
    • 8 x Warm White Strip Lights
    • 1 x 8-port Expansion Board
    • 1 x Wireless Power Connector
    • 1 x Round Coin Cell Battery Pack 
    • 1 x USB Power Function Cable 
    • 1 x Street Lamp (with light installed)
    • Assorted genuine LEGO Pieces included for assembly

This LED light kit has been specifically designed for use with LEGO Corner Garage #10264. However, there is no limit to your creativity and imagination as further optional customisation and additional lights can be easily added. To see a full range of all our of DIY LED components please check out the “DIY LIGHT ACCESSORIES” section by clicking on the link in the header or by clicking here 

Please note:

The item for sale is the LED  lighting kit only. The LEGO model is not included and is for illustation purposes only. 

No batteries included. 


User guide instructions for all our kits can also be found on the Users Guides section of our website.

All parts are quality checked before shipping, so if you find some missing or damaged parts, don't worry.  Please contact us and we will send them to you immediately free of charge.


This light kits will be shipped out within 3 days, thanks for your support.

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LEGO Corner Garage 10264 Light Kit

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