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MOC-37172 Soviet N1 Moon Rocket

Part count =902 bricks,105 lots
Dimensions: 24x21x101CM
Weight: 1.35kg

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This model was designed by Spangle

A redesign of fitzrurisk's N1 rocket, improving stability and making a few tweaks here and there for accuracy.

The design was based upon the N1 built by Woodpiece.

Designer's process of building:

"I've redesigned all stages to be more stable, swapped the engines for something that seems a bit more accurate, along with adding engines to the 2nd and 3rd stages. I fixed a couple of colour issues, swapped some particularly expensive parts, and fixed some asymmetries that must have slipped through, and then drew up instructions. It doesn't have the lander or extra parts that the original had, as I didn't really understand how they went together." 

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MOC-37172 Soviet N1 Moon Rocket

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