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MOC-34189 Dieselpunk Ornithopter

Part count: 2251 bricks, 262 lots
Dimensions: 76 x 52 x 21 cm
Weight: 1.34 kg
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This Kit Contains:

2251 PCS good quality bricks 

Product volume: 76 x 52 x 21 cm


Another project made for fun. This started with the cockpit. The dome piece included with set 76109 immediately reminded me of a dragonfly. After building a small prototype physically and digitally I let the idea sit for a few months until a little while ago. Now its turned into a full on build with instructions.

As for details, this build features a full interior with room for three crew members and detailed with pilot controls, custom seats, and a Babbage Engine as a navigation computer. It also has posable wings, rudders, and an elevator. The propellers spin freely on detailed rotary engines. The primary landing gear is also retractable and easily supports the weight of the vehicle.

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MOC-34189 Dieselpunk Ornithopter

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