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Tenshukaku of Osaka Castle

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Product volume: 70X112X87cm




Tenshukaku of Osaka Castle, Osaka's symbol that continues to be loved by its citizens.
Tenshukaku, or castle tower of Osaka Castle was built on a lofty hill of Uemachidaichi at the center of the city as Osaka鈥æ?symbol. Osaka Castle has become more beautiful and easier for tourists to look around since the Heisei large-scale reconstruction in 1997. There is a historical museum inside the castle, and the top floor is the Observation Deck. The Osaka Castle Park that spreads across as if to embrace the Main Tower is famous for its seasonal blooms. Nearby is the Japan Mint, a famous place for its cherry blossoms and can also enjoy river cruise on the Aqua-bus "Aqua Liner".


Partial Parts List
Parts name Item No Number of sets used Single parts price
Baseplate 48x48 4186 2 $11.57
12x24 brick 30072 157 $7.84
8x16 brick 44041 81 $3.92
Plate 8x16 92438 38 $2.27
Plate 16x16 91405 50 $2.04


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Tenshukaku of Osaka Castle

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