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MOC-45867 Colonial Viper MK1 - Version 2.0 - Gray

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Part count: 604 bricks, 168 lots
Dimensions: 30 x 12.8 x 8 cm
Weight: 0.7 kg
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This model was designed by apenello



NEW 2020 VERSION 2 MODEL! This is a brand new V2 revision of my MK1 Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica. This is a replacement for my Gray version. The build is the same as my new Version 2 MK1 MOC in White, so I'm using the same description here. The new 2.0 Viper keeps the overall shape of my original build but there are many updates, improvements and additional details in this model. There are 248 different parts between the two models so over 1/3 of the build is new. Although there are 43 more parts, this model is 12 grams lighter and sleeker than its predecessor. I made several improvements for this build: - Improved Nosecone shape. I was able to build a step-effect and revise the front nosecone to be more similar to the actual model and come to a more accurate point at the end. - New underside. The original underside between the wings was very bulky and I've removed one level of bricks out of the underside to thin it out and have the shape better reflect the real ship. - Improved Nose-to-body shape. The real ship thins down where it meets the jets, and my original model did not. This required extensive revisions to the main cockpit and the entire structure inside the rear of the model. - New landing gear. I never loved the original landing gear placement and I was able to move them to the rear of the ship with placement like the actual ship with better details. I also extended them so that the ship sits up higher when the landing gear is out, as making it more stable. - Improved Wings. I was able to lower the wings on the model, which allows them to fold down so the profile of the ship and wings is more like the actual ship. I revised the side cannons to be more accurate. The length of the wings is now more inline with the real ship. - Better greebling and details. There is better intent with the placement of bricks and greebling to better reflect the actual ship. This includes raised details on the wings, changing the brick lengths and colors around the main nose, small improvements to the side vents under the cockpit, and a revision of the entire rear section behind the engines. There is also more detail using reddish-brown parts to make the cockpit appear to have a seat. Overall I think this is a much more detailed and accurate version of ship, and is lighter and sleeker than my first version. Although I use a few more parts, the overall cost should be the same or less as I've used some correct modern part numbers that are less expensive. Enjoy!

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MOC-45867 Colonial Viper MK1 - Version 2.0 - Gray

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