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Part count: 4689 bricks, 682 lots
Dimensions:25 x 52 x 28 cm
Weight: 3.57 kg
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This model was designed by Black-Mantled Builder



Market Square is open for business! This modular building, created from 2 baseplates, is designed to resemble a traditional market place with outdoor and indoor services. The outdoor area includes a big square, a marble fountain, stone benches, and three market stands (selling flowers, newspapers and paintings), which can be placed in the square, or folded and securely stored in the sheds located laterally. Inside, on the ground floor, there is an indoor market with a butcher。ッs shop and a greengrocer. On the side, a staircase under the arches provides access to a traditional pub upstairs, where customers can grab a drink and go outside on the roof terrace, enjoying the good weather, when possible.

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