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MOC-29532 Friends ~ The Television Series - Monica's Apartme

Part count: 894 bricks, 281 lots
Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 8 cm
Weight: 0.86 kg

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This Kit Contains:


894 PCS good quality bricks

Product volume: 26x26x8cm





Build the perfect companion for the newly released Ideas set 21319 of Friends ~ The Television Series - Central Perk.
Pose the fabulous minifgures in the other iconic and most used location in the show: Monica's Apartment (then Joey and Chandler's apartment, finally Monica and Chandler's Apartment...every single one of the group has lived here).

The interiors are mostily based on season one images of the apartment (it changes a lot from one episode to another), but a lot of references to various cult scenes throughout the series have been added. You can have fun spotting them all and even add more of your own as there is a lot of open space!



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MOC-29532 Friends ~ The Television Series - Monica's Apartme

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