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MOC The Modular Knight's Castle

Part count: 1765 bricks, 148 lots
Dimensions:32 x 24 x 21 cm
Weight: 1.68 kg
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This model was designed by klockizbroda



A fairly simple yet very playable retro style castle composed of modules that can be easily rearranged in order to create different shapes and looks of a knight's stronghold without the need to completely disassemble the whole thing and then rebuild it again from scratch. The modules provide good flexibility in terms of the number of possible combinations of the castles that can be created using them and also enable you to shape your castles quite freely thanks to the hinged walls segments. Both the modules themselves and the complete structures created with them are sturdy enough even for the younger kids to play with. All the play features that you can expect from a toy castle are available, like a working portcullis and a drawbridge operated with a windlass. There is also plenty of room on top of the walls and inside the towers to place your minifigures. Following types of modules are available: Hinged walls that let you create different shapes of your castle. They have enough room on their top platforms for easily placing your guards. Tower bases with windows and plenty of room inside. Half battlements for creating short towers. Middle tower segments for creating tall towers. They also provide lots of space inside for the guards to hide. Full battlements for crowning the tall towers. There is plenty of room on top of them for placing your archers. Main gate with a working drawbridge and portcullis. In addition you can also build a siege tower with a folding bridge that reaches the tops of the walls and can be used to attack the castle. It also has enough room inside for the attacking soldiers to hide.

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MOC The Modular Knight's Castle

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