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MOC-20604 A-Team GMC Vandura Van

Part count = 242 bricks, 89 lots
Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 6 cm
Weight: 0.15 kg

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This Kit Contains:

755 PCS good quality bricks 

Product volume: 21x9x6cm


1. The vehicle for the protagonists of The A-Team, the roof can be detachable, and the people figures can be placed inside.
2. The iconic van of The A-Team, the door can be pushed forwards and backwards, and the trunk capacity is large enough to accommodate some combat tools.
3. High degree of simulation, the body, bumper, and roof are all made of plastic, and the roof is surrounded by a circle of small building blocks, which is very creative.

The story of the film tells the story of 4 special forces stationed in the Middle East who were accused of disobeying military orders and were unfairly interrogated by a military court. They were unwilling to escape from prison and hide in Los Angeles. They yearn for a free and adventurous career and do not want to be restrained. As long as the price is right, anyone can ask them to die, but they often fight for justice at no cost.

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MOC-20604 A-Team GMC Vandura Van

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