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MOC-33807 Ford GT40 MK I 1967

Part count: 2258 bricks, 236 lots
Dimensions: 52 x 25 x 16 cm
Weight: 1.72 kg
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This model was designed by GeyserBricks



This model of a 1967 Ford GT40 MK I is published in cooperation with James Tillson who has designed the MOC and I have created the 3D-model, the step by step instructions and the digital renders. The Ford GT40 MK I was designed and built in Great Britain and enhanced by Shelby American in the USA. The Ford GT40 was first and foremost built to win long distance sports car races, in particular the Le Mans 24 Hour race against Ferrari. It was very successful in many different long distance races but failed the first attempts in Le Mans 1964-65 to later on win four consecutive years in 1966-69 of which places 1-2-3 was claimed in 1966. Scale 1:8 Functions 4-speed gearbox with H-shape stick shift and remote linkage HOG-steering with working steering wheel 4 wheel independent suspension Openable bonnet Tiltable rear clamshell Openable doors Working V8 engine

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MOC-33807 Ford GT40 MK I 1967

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