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MOC-42418 P-98 Nemesis - Designed by Jon Hall-P-98

Part count: 1202 bricks, 328 lots
Dimensions: 58 x 37 x 12 cm
Weight: 0.83 kg
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When you need heavy air support, it doesn't come much more deadly than the P-98 Nemesis. This plane was engineered with one purpose in mind, take out enemy armour on the ground. With eight heavy air to ground rockets and two large front cannons any enemy vehicle in its way will not stand chance. Add to that tip mounted machine guns and you have a plane capable of delivering a devastating strafing run on ground targets. There was a reason the P-98 was named Nemesis.

Masterly designed by Jon Hall, this plane exudes power, with its sleek twin nacelles and large vertical stabilizers, and blistering with weapons.



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MOC-42418 P-98 Nemesis - Designed by Jon Hall-P-98

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