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MOC-33315 Cavegod UCS GR-75 Rebel Transport

Part count = 6669 bricks, 661 lots
Dimensions: 112 x 25.6 x 60 cm
Weight: 8.08 kg
Special Price $446.49 was $474.99
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This Kit Contains:

6669 PCS good quality bricks 

Product volume: 112x25.6x60cm


1. According to the picture of the movie model, start to build the model according to the ratio of 1:250, mixing many different colors and other curved slopes.
2. The transport ship is controlled by a small bridge towards the back of the spacecraft, with seven matt engines on the back.
3. GR-75 has a very large volume and storage space, which can carry a lot of containers and goods. For this ship, one of the shelves is placed in the middle of the container to separate the space in the cabin.
4. The slender parts are tightly installed between multiple containers, and only connected by two studs.
5. The bending effect is achieved by many plate hinges and four parts with slightly different angles. The starboard profile indicates that the hull is slightly inclined to the stern.

The GR-75 medium transport ship, sometimes called Gallo transport aircraft, is a special transport aircraft built by Gallo Yards, Inc., with a length of 90 meters. Equipped with a 4-level super drive and a 15-level backup, they can reach a speed of 650 KPH. The GR-75 rebel transport provided urgent hope to the rebels stranded in the Hoth system. When fully constructed, the length of the model is approximately 40 inches. Transportation is the main force of the rebel alliance, transporting equipment from base to base. The ship can hold dozens of containers of different sizes, which are fixed in place by strong magnetic locks.

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MOC-33315 Cavegod UCS GR-75 Rebel Transport

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