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Multicolor Saturn V Launch Platform


Offer paper manuals & verified assembling

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Position your LEGO Saturn rocket ready for take off the like NASA!

Display your LEGO Saturn rocket as it should be displayed and in the most impressive way possible with our Custom MOC mobile launcher platform (MLP). Not only does this stand allow you to display your LEGO Saturn rocket in a more sophisticated way, but displaying it vertically helps save space in your room too! This fantastic and unique display stand is based on one of the three real two-story steel structures used by NASA. These stands were made to hold the largest and most inspiring rockets ever made. So not only is it a stand, but it also a perfect way to complement the LEGO Saturn rocket and complete its look!

Item specifications:

  • 122 PCS pieces made from high-quality 100% ABS plastic Technic Bricks ??to ensure years of durability, even with constant use. Brand new and complete with custom packing.
  • Easy-to-follow instruction diagrams with brick by brick guide ??sent electronically via email.
  • Please note this is stand not a LEGO branded item, but is 106% compatible with LEGO and can be easily modified or expanded to make your imaginations a reality!
  • Extra optional LED orange lighting available for the rocket booster, as shown in the picture. Please contact us for purchase or for further information.  
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Multicolor Saturn V Launch Platform

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