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MOC-15881 Executor class Star Dreadnought By Onecase

Part count: 7284 bricks
Dimensions: 132 x 49 x 20 cm
Weight: 6.24 kg
Special Price $335.08 was $356.47
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Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts, a personal flagship of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, also known as Super-class Star Destroyers, were one of the largest and most powerful Imperial starships ever created. Along with other classes of massive Imperial capital ships, they were also referred to as Super Star Destroyers.

It the most distinguished Super Star Destroyers which called xecutor Under Vader's command, the Executor led the Death Squadron following the Battle of Yavin and oversaw the Imperial assault on the Rebel Alliance's Echo Base during the Battle of Hoth.



Executor class Star Dreadnought is offcially support by onecase.






Executor class Star Dreadnought on customer




This Kit Contains:

  • 7284 PCS bricks
  • Size: L :  132 cm     W : 49 cm   H :20 cm 
  • Detail PDF instruction



The  product package does not contain stickers and is electronically printed. The printed parts are replaced by ordinary parts and do not contain third-party accessories. The manual and renderings are for reference only and are subject to the actual parts package.


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MOC-15881 Executor class Star Dreadnought By Onecase

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