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MOC-16083 SW: Knights of the Old Republic Ebon Hawk

Part count = 3173 bricks, 389 lots
Dimensions: 35 x 48 x 16 cm
Weight: 2.89 kg
Special Price $163.55 was $173.99
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This Kit Contains:

3166 PCS good quality bricks 

Product volume: 35x48x16cm


1. There are several areas inside the "Ebon Hawk", including the cockpit, crew living room, medical center, tactical posts, cargo hold, and even a temporary garage for shuttle motorcycles and modified equipment. Its fighting tools include a turret with twin turbo laser cannons and other "secret" fighting tools.
2. The model also has a complete internal space, which can be accessed by opening the side panel and removing the top of the hull. The interior includes a four-seat cockpit, a communication area, a main cabin, two barracks, two cargo holds, an engine room, a deployable boarding ramp, a small medical area and turret entrance, which can be passed through Remove the top detachable main turret to find it.
3. This spacecraft is irregularly shaped. Due to its smaller particles, the shaping effect is better, the shape is closer to the prototype, and the degree of simulation is very high.

The "Ebon Hawk" is a legend in the smuggling world. Most of his working life has been spent on shipping goods for Taris gang leader Davic Kang. Through careful driving and a surprisingly powerful propulsion system, this spacecraft can simultaneously evade the patrols of the Republic and the Sith and deliver the goods to many underworld figures on the border of the galaxy. After Bastila Shang was rescued, a dispute resulted in the death of Davik. The ownership of the "Ebon Hawk" was transferred to Raven and Cass Onassi. Soon after, Taris was owned by Das Malak. The "Great Beast" spacecraft was destroyed. Then, the protagonist and his crew use the "Ebon Hawk" to fly from one planet to another, looking for fragments of the missing star map.

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MOC-16083 SW: Knights of the Old Republic Ebon Hawk

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