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MOC-38891 Ultimate M1A2 Abrams Tank

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MOC ID:#38891

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This Kit Contains:


1979 PCS good quality bricks with power function equipment.

Product volume: 56x26X20cm





Current configuration uses four xl motors to drive the tank (two for each track).
Each side is powered by an independent battery and Sbrick. This provides plenty of torque for traversing any terrain.?/span>

The turret now has an independent battery and sbrick allowing for the turret to rotate 360 degrees without twisting any cables.

Other features that this tank has already is a shooting mechanism that fires L4 Technic axle pieces. Holds up to 10 rounds and is gravity fed. Independent suspension. programmed using sbrick pro app.
Roughly 22 degrees gun elevation and 10 degrees gun depression.




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MOC-38891 Ultimate M1A2 Abrams Tank

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