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MOC-33070 A Galaxy Far Far Away Modular Displays - Series 2

Part count: 1713 bricks, 251 lots
Dimensions:54 x 11 x 10 cm
Weight: 1.39 kg
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This model was designed by Antbill



Star Wars - Modular Display Stands Mid size Star Wars Modular Build i have created to depict certain scenes and displaying mini's. The end two are 14x18 studs and the middle are 14x16 studs, with a total piece count of 1503. The Bounty Hunter Scene. The first is based on the amazing Empire Strikes Back scene where we meet all the bounty hunters with Vader! There is also a control station at the bottom for the imperial crew! Cloud City The second is the Cloud City Hallways. Perfect for displaying Lando, Han and Leia - or Boba Fett and some Bespin Gaurds taking the carbonite to the Slave 1! Royal Theed Palace The scene if for displaying one of the most beautiful minifigures available! Queen Amidala! You could display her in all of her glory along with some Royal Naboo Security Officers! Endor Shield Generator Bunker The last is the Endor Shield Generator Bunker from Return Of The Jedi! This is a perfect display for Endor Leia, Han and r2d2!

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MOC-33070 A Galaxy Far Far Away Modular Displays - Series 2

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