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MOC-56436 Luke's Speeder set 76271 MOD

Part count: 199 bricks, 76 lots
Dimensions:18 x 11 x 5 cm
Weight: 0.12 kg
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This model was designed by ron_mcphatty



I usually don't like rebuilds but I thought this speeder looked too long, so it had to be done. Using only the original set and four of the spare pieces (which can be subsitituded for four 1x1 plates of any colour) I took 2 bricks off the length and used the spare pieces to redecorate the front, raise the windscreen up a bit and boost the boat plates underneath by a stud, so it hovers a bit higher. It's far from screen accurate but I think it's a small improvement and matches the proportions of the previous speeder 75173, which were definitely better. There's still a bit of cargo space between the seats but the rear hatch no longer opens so neatly, so Luke may have to go crawling back there to find his binoculars!

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MOC-56436 Luke's Speeder set 76271 MOD

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