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MOC Imperial Troop Transport (Mini-fig Scale)

Part count: 921 bricks, 161 lots
Dimensions:32 x 11x 9 cm
Weight: 0.7 kg
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This model was designed by LegoMazing



model is mini-figure scale model processes a somewhat sturdy structure detailed and stud-less exterior detailed and spacious interior interior is easily accessible by opening front hatches and removing detachable roofs doors to drivers' compartment opens up cargo rack doors open outwards and so can the blast doors behind them(these slide sideways) troop compartment includes four prisoner detainers and can hold more than 10 troops troop compartment includes a weapon rack(clips to hold weapons) bottom of the transport has four very well hidden small wheels to allow the troop transport to move easily around while maintaining a "hovering" profile

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MOC Imperial Troop Transport (Mini-fig Scale)

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