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MOC SW: The Mandalor¡§aan (Season 2)

Part count: 383 bricks, 143 lots
Dimensions:11 x 3 x 5 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg
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This model was designed by benbuilds



"Wherever I go, he goes." This MOC is designed in the style of the Architecture Skyline series and features the most iconic locations from the second season of "The Mandalor¡§aan," including: Tatooine (with Krayt dragon) [Chapter 9: The Marshall] Maldo Kreis (with the Razor Crest) [Chapter 10: The Passenger] The City of Calodan on Corvus [Chapter 13: The Jedi] Tython (with Moff Gideon's Light Cruiser) [Chapter 14: The Tragedy] Morak (with Slave I and Imperial Juggernaut) [Chapter 15: The Believer, Chapter: 16: The Rescue]

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MOC SW: The Mandalor¡§aan (Season 2)

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