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Star Wars Docking Bay 327 Hanger MOC for minifig scale UCS Falcon Limited Edition

Part count: 7857 bricks, 189 lots
Dimensions: 90 x 99 x 31 cm
Weight: 10.23 kg

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The classic Death Star Docking Bay 327 Hanger MOC for minifig scale UCS Falcon. It?? inspired by the scene in Star Wars, The prestigious modular installation apron, where Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie and the droids quickly escaped to the Millennium Falcon and eventually dragged it away from death Star.

This Millennium Falcon Docking Bay is the best habitat of the Millennium Falcon spacecraft, and is used to park and display the Millennium Falcon perfectly. The scene of the Empire's counterattack is highly restored, and the inner apron of the Empire's Star Destroyer can faithfully restore this spacecraft in the "The Force Awakens" series. will fulfill the dreams of any stars wars brick fan.


Product Information

Let's building the docking bay together

The Millennium Falcon Docking Bay is the dock on the Death Star, which serves as a cargo handling area.

The docking area is supervised by a control room and a tractor beam projector.

If the hatch is opened, there will be an atmosphere curb projector to maintain the internal atmosphere of the station.

It is located directly above the TIE fighter staging area. Reproduce the famous Death Star in the movie and scenes from the movie.

It is a rectangular room with two doors. One leads to the Throne Room, and the other the Meeting Room.

Assemble the base and repeatedly build the towering walls. There are entrances in the front and passages in the rear. The Docking Bay has various tool holders and equipment.

If you add a light system, such as some small red warning light, it emits a striking and regular red light that is used to guide the Millennium Falcon spacecraft down an accurate course. In addition, the apron is surrounded by rows of white street lights, like bright lights illuminating this beautiful harbor.

The finished product can be placed on the coffee table as a decoration.

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Star Wars Docking Bay 327 Hanger MOC for minifig scale UCS Falcon Limited Edition

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