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Technic MOC 42033 + 42034 + 42035 motorized MOC-9880

Part count: 313 bricks
Dimensions: 14 x 20 x 14 cm
Weight: 0.4 kg
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  • Pieces: 313 
  • MOC ID: #9880

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This Kit Contains:

313 PCS bricks with power function equipment. 

Product volume竊?/span>14x20x14cm


Remote control mod of the 42033 + 42034 Extreme Off-Roader set using additional parts from 42035 and Power Functions components. Part list and building instructions are showing the set with the PF IR receiver and the Rechargeable battery box. The battery box can be swapped with the AAA battery box or a BuWizz unit, an SBrick can be used instead of the PF IR receiver. All parts except of the PF elements are from the three mentioned sets.



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Technic MOC 42033 + 42034 + 42035 motorized MOC-9880

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