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Technic MOC Thunderjaw MOC-15474

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Part count: 4743 bricks
Dimensions: 85 x 20 x 55 cm
Weight: 3.12 kg

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  • Pieces: 4743 
  • MOC ID: #15474

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This Kit Contains:


4743 PCS bricks 

Product volume竊?5x20x55cm





The Thunderjaw the most brutal opponent to be faced in the game Horizon Zero Dawn. It's body is made of metal, but at it's core The Thunderjaw is still a beast on the inside. The creature most closely resembles a T-Rex and carries a variety of deadly projectile weapons, only the most skilled hunters can  face one and hope to live to tell the tale.  





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Technic MOC Thunderjaw MOC-15474

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