Become a Vonado Reseller

Vonado Resellers - Vonado-- Small Lights for Big Ideas

Thank you for your interest in becoming a reseller of Vonado products. We offer the widest selection of modular lighting products on the market today, and we have more than five years' experience building a strong global brand and developing a commitment to quality and customer service.  We have customers all over the world, and we are always looking to build strong local relationships with experienced and highly committed resellers.

You might be a good reseller candidate if you have:

  • An existing website with modern, fluid design and full mobile support.
  • Experience with eCommerce order fulfillment and returns processing.
  • A strong commitment to customer service.  This includes a willingness to interact directly with your local/regional customer base on direct Q&A related to our products (i.e., helping customers determine which product(s) they should purchase for a specific LEGO® set).
  • A commitment to generating original online content showing the use of our lights, including but not limited to:
    • Posting photos on Flickr, Facebook, and other online communities showing our lights in action
    • Creating videos (including "how-to" videos) showing how to use our lights
    • Posting photos from local/regional LEGO® conferences showing MOCs and models using our lights
  • Existing relationships with local/regional LEGO® User Groups (LUGs).
  • Past experience as a vendor at local/regional LEGO® shows and conventions, and a willingness to devote space in your booth to showcasing Vonado products and to commit to attending future conventions in your region/country as a vendor.
  • A willingness to develop technical skills related to our product line.
  • An ability to place an initial order consisting of at least 4 of each of our SKUs and pay upfront via PayPal or Transferwise.

Here are some other points to consider:

  • All resellers must be fully registered as businesses in their home country, and must maintain all registrations and permits as required by their local government.
  • We do not offer exclusivity for any region or area of a country, but encourage our best resellers to cultivate their own exclusivity by offering the broadest selection of our products and the best customer service.
  • We ask that our resellers not carry any competing LEGO® lighting products online or at any retail stores or shows (with the exception of any lighting elements directly manufactured by the LEGO® Group).
  • We are not looking for anyone to sell our product through or  We sell there directly ourselves.  If you have a presence on a country-based eBay or Amazon site (i.e., or and would like to sell our product there, that may be possible.

If you are interested in learning more about the growth opportunities associated with becoming a reseller of Vonado products, please send us a message via our Contact Form summarizing your business history and future plans, adding links to your online store and any social media presence, and also how your company embodies the characteristics above.

Thank you again for your interest in joining the growing Vonado reseller community!