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Recruitment of Testing plan for new product 


This testing plan is launched by our product team in order to know the products’ satisfaction rate and to improve product’s quality and design, meanwhile it is also a preferential measure to interact with our customers and to serve our loyal fans.

Product requirements:

  1. New products launched within 30 days;
  2. Be approved by our product team and participate in the activity for no more than 7 days; (The participating products will be introduced in the product details);
  3. Each event product recruitment number: no more than 5 people.

Product list

Buyer's Requirements:

Basic ( First three requirements are necessary and the last two requirements are priority for recruitment.)

  1. [Values] Users who recognize our products and culture;
  1. [Qualification Requirements] Vonado registered member who consumed at least 2 orders in vonado.com;
  1. [Comment Task] Need you to complete the assembly within 10 days after receiving blocks kits, then submit product reviews and feedbacks;

Priority Terms-Not necessary, but it will be priority if meeting.

  1. Users who have given feedbacks to our products.
  1. Users who like and are willing to share through social networking sites (FB Instagram YouTube)

Buyer's rights for participating in the event

  1. After the evaluation, you can get 20%+ cash in return, which is equivalent to 20%+ discount.
  1. Upgraded service to receive your package faster. It usually takes 2-5 days from the time you place the order to the time you sign for the receipt, because we will ship the goods from your country’s warehouse, not from the warehouse in China (generally 7-15 days).
  1. Priority participation in more preferential activities in the future.

Activity guidelines

If you are qualified, please register via email ([email protected]) with the subject line of "Apply for New Product Testing Plans - Your Name + Order Email".

Email content: Please include screenshots of your past orders (at least 2) plus links to the products you want to test. 

We will reply to you by email within 24 hours to confirm your qualification and the matters need your attention.

Activity model and quantity,in the same conditions, first come, first serve.