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About us


Founded in 2018, Vonado is a cultural and imaginative toys brand. Our brand is professional in manufacturing high-quality custom-designed Vonado Lighting kit for every LEGO fans. Vonado includes product development, manufacturing and innovation. There are series of professional lighting kit and Light accessories. 
Our mission is to give your bricks new vitality, bring shine to your brick world. The Led lights are all handmade and use environment friendly material. This is a high-quality and fantastic item. Being Lego fans and after the building bricks build together, we watched them lose brightness in the darkness, thus they motivated our inspiration to make them shine so that we had Vonado led light.
We have new and beautiful design,with rich experience in production ,standardization and specialization.We emphasize on technology ,improve the quality of the brand and pursue high quality.Vonado makes every effort to ensure that each building model has its own unique LED lights.Vonado sincerely insists on providing the the most safety product to our customers.



Each Vonado kit comes with instructions to access set specific installation guides as well as Vonado stickers and cards.

Our talented designers,experienced quality - control engineers and workers guarantee our customers can get high quality products and services.Create bright night easily, Vonado is always ready to serve you and your lego in our warmest and comfortable way. Every customized lighting kit deserves our designers put great care and efforts to create. Wish our small lighting kits will give you a different Lego experience.
Our top product - custom-designed lighting kit for Lego have exported to Europe ,America, Middle-East ,Asia and so on. With nice appearance,easy and detailed operation, high quality and reasonable price ,we receive consistent good appraise from lego fans. 





Furthermore, for the Vonado product quality, we have CE and ROHS to guarantee. Welcome to check.


We understand that the best result can only be achieved through hard work and Lego passion .Lego is our passion , make a good Light kit .Because we play to learn ,we learn while playing and above all, playing is fun .And our lego building model is our fun and We are more focused on appreciating the mysteries.


In addtion to proving high-quality lighting kits, we also design and our own MOC bricks sets, which are on par which we have been told by all our extremely satified cutomers to be on par with the design quality and detail of geniune lego sets.

It first began when we wanted to build our own lego stands for existing lego sets. Eventually when they were seen friends, they kept asking us where they were available to purchase as they too were not satified with their sets sitting on the shelves in a bland way. It seemed like we weren't the only ones who wanted to display our lego creations in a more dramatic way!



Hence our idea to turn what we did in to a business and the journey began. As well as untility products such as display stands, we also ventured into more grand and ambitous builds such as the Star Wars Carbon Freeze Chamber from Empire Strikes Back and the Death Star Docking Bay,which to date have turnd out to be huge successes. Due to this success we are always continually developing new MOC sets. I has always been our dream to see our own creations to be widely available to consumers worldwide so we can fulfil the dreams of other passionate lego fans with products that are not available from the offical source.

Of course, our duty and service doesn't stop there either. We have never been impressed with acrylic LEGO display boxes from other 3rd party companies so and thought it would not be too hard to do much better. Not only were we able to created display boxes for large LEGO sets that were previously unavailable such as the UCS falcon and Disney Castle,but we also added more flair by implimenting LED lights into the case to make your precious LEGO creations look more impressive. 



So now you are able to show off your builds as the monumental and great achievement that it is meant to be!