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MOC-52188 Union Pacific Alco RS-2 (1:38)

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Part count: 2248 bricks, 343 lots
Dimensions: 50 x 12 x 16 cm
Weight: 1.42 kg
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Pieces: 2248 
MOC ID: #52188 

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This Kit Contains:

2248 PCS good quality bricks 

Product volume: 50x12x16cm


A 1:38 scale replica of Union Pacific U.P. D.S. 1195. This model is designed to be extremely detailed and accurate without losing functionality. It is also fully compatible with the current generation of electronics (Powered Up/ Power Functions 2.0). Features include:

-a highly detailed cab interior with removable roof for minifigures
-removable radiator fan cover, an opening hood to place inside a replica Alco 244 v12 4 cycle prime mover (included) or a battery box and motor for Powered Up/Power functions (not included)
-two powered 4 axle AAR Tybe B trucks, and plenty of other details!

This model also features channels for official light bricks to be used to power both the front and rear headlights. Optional features such as smoke stack position and road plate placement are included in the inventory to suit your preference. 

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MOC-52188 Union Pacific Alco RS-2 (1:38)

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